PD Dr Davide Städler

Toxicologist, Dr ès sc. EPF, Privat Docent UNIL
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Patrik Castiglioni

Biologo, Dr ès sc. UNIL
Deputy Director

Prof Dr Fiorella Lucarini

Chimist, Dr ès sc. UNIFR
Associate Professor HES, Head of Chemistry

Dre Rita Di Martino

Microbiologist, Dr ès sc. UNIL
Head of Microbiology

Mylène Soudani

Master's Degree in Life Science, Head of laboratory

Guillaume Boisard

Environmental Engineer
Environmental Specialist & Project Manager

Valflora Tolaj

Executive Assistant

Daniel Carenini

BSc HES Chemical Engineering
Project Manager

Camille Rime

Laboratory technician
R&D Laboratory Technical Manager

Milan Josanovic

Head of logistics and maintenance

Carlo Scarlata

Consulting Engineer
Business & Project Manager

BioNRec - Business partner for northwestern, central and eastern Europe. Exclusive partner for the oil and petrochemical industry.

Michal Brylinski

Direttore Generale - BioNRec

Ivo Faryna

Direttore Commerciale - BioNRec