→ Scientific consulting

With a team of specialists and an international network, TIBIO offers consulting services in the fields:

  • Toxicology and eco-toxicology studies: literature review, study design, coordination of research and development projects.

  • Scientific support for the development of analytical methods.

  • Consulting for historical-scientific studies, scientific dissemination and communication.

  • Consulting and expertise for environmental issues and industrial pollution, in support of engineering studies, including analytical chemistry support.

  • Scientific advice for the assessment and management of polluted sites.

  • Projects based on passive sampling techniques.

  • XRF analysis for soils and precious metals.

→ R&D development projects on behalf of third parties

Historically, TIBIO started as a biotechnology company, developing in-house knowledge for the industrial production of microorganisms, the management of R&D projects and the industrialization of processes.

These skills are now at the disposal of our customers.

We are therefore able to offer the development of R&D projects in the field of environmental biotechnology, chemistry, agrochemistry, green-chemistry and food-tech for both start-ups and companies. The projects can be managed internally, also thanks to its imprinted network of specialized partners, or carried out on behalf of the customer’s companies.

→ Research projects

Our team is available to implement and carry out scientific research projects, developed independently or through collaborations with research institutes and universities, in the fields of biotechnology, analytical chemistry, toxicology and ecotoxicology.

Unlike third-party R&D projects, research projects are not aimed at developing products or services, but rather at better understanding scientific issues.